How Wearables are Changing Tech

November 17th, 2015

In the coming weeks, months and years we are going to be seeing the connectivity of devices, wearables, mobile devices, etc., over take the value of having the latest greatest hardware. Yeah, sure, hardware will be forever evolving, but with the advent of wearables, hardware will take a back seat to how all these devices connect with one another and how you interact with them.

With watches being the biggest wearable form factor with mobile devices being the big connector at the moment. The biggest discussion boils down to connectivity and how the watch and mobile device interact with each other. Do you create an standalone watch app for your product? Or do you build functionality into your existing phone app that pushes content to your watch (i.e. cards, companion apps or rich notifications)? Questions of which will impact, just like the advent of the web, how we account for these different aspects in our day-to-day design and development processes.

And though still in it’s infancy, wearables will fundamentally change, if they haven’t started to already, how we interact with and build for technology. There’s already been instances where it’s saved lives. And like with anything the applications are only going to become better and clearer as time goes on as this technology and consumer evolve becoming ever more refined.


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