Being 100% reactive can be bad for your health.

February 26th, 2016

Whether your position is the president, CEO or all the way down as a lowly intern. If you are 100% reactive to everything that comes across your desk you are almost, certainly, guaranteed to fail. Will you fail 100% of the time? No. You might get lucky from time to time, but, more than likely, your life will be more stressed and begin to look ever more so incompetent to management, peers and/or clients, if it continues to happen. And once that happens you will see the trust people have in you begin to dwindle.

Once that trust is gone gaining it back might be as easy as delivering on that next project with no or minor hiccups or deliver something more than expected. Or it may be significantly harder and take a substantial amount of time. The thing of it is most of this can be avoided by simply taking an extra 5 or 10 minutes to do your homework on a certain something, reviewing that project one last time or asking a simple question on something that may be unclear, assuming can be a son of a b*tch.

Have I ever been in that position before, hell yes. I know very few people who haven’t, but when things get tough, you shoot from the hip and ignore a small item here and there, but those small items you avoid could possibly create a lot of headache and pain that could have been avoided by taking care of those small items, most of which can be resolved in a short order. Will it make the project itself better, maybe. What it will make better is the execution of the project and improve the lives of everyone involved. So next time take a breath, see what you can do and if there is something/anything, no matter how small, you can be proactive about.

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