Giving a Damn

March 3rd, 2016

I know it’s easy to just roll over and go with the flow, keeping to yourself, but if you give a damn, just a small amount. It makes things so much better, regardless if it’s your life, a company you work for or anything in between. Whether giving a damn to you means bringing up large things, such as a hole/s in a process, or something smaller, like suggesting to write a line of copy this way vs. that. It’s not that difficult to give a damn about things.

Where it becomes difficult is when you’re not the only one who needs to give a damn about what you’re suggesting or trying to do. Luckily, most people are sensible and if you have a good argument to what ever you’re suggesting. They’ll go along with it. If it doesn’t work as you hoped, oh well. At least you tried. The issue comes in when someone is so entrenched or disconnected in their ways , it’s near impossible to get them to budge or see what you’re trying to do.

When you come across these people sometimes, key word, it may be better to move forward and keep your head down and do what your asked of. With hoping that this is only a solitary instance. If it’s not, maybe it’s indicative of something bigger and might be time to look at the relationship you have with that person or company. Whether the relationship is small or large. I’d strongly consider your trajectory with them. And by no means is it easy to do when it comes down to it.

Now, are any of the things I’ve brought up here ground breaking, new or a breeze to do? No, but it’s amazing how much more at peace you will be at if you take the initiative to give a damn about something and in doing so making things much better. And if giving a damn puts you in the unfortunate position to have to look at any relationships, it’s probably for the better. A lot of people I know/work with would be so much better off if they gave a damn and simply stood up and spoke out. With them, probably, being amazed at what good can come out of it.

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