“Installer Eyes…” Get Em’, Use Em’

July 23rd, 2017

Anyone can have the tendency to finesse things until things are absolutely perfect. It feels good to see a project you’ve been working on be it’s best. The only thing is, we live in a world where, more times than not, time and/or money dictate how far we are able to polish things and end up with the project being good enough.

Having “installer eyes” is where you’re able to put aside your ego and accept that the project is good enough. Where 99% of the people who view it won’t notice the small things you had to forego doing. The other 1% that will are the one’s that either do what you do or are closely related to what you do.

Are there projects out there that you’re able to tweak until your heart’s content, yeah, but in the end your client will be happy if you deliver what they asked for on time and within budget, not so much if you go over on one or both.


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