“Installer Eyes…” Get Em’, Use Em’

July 23rd, 2017 by

Anyone can have the tendency to finesse things until things are absolutely perfect. It feels good to see a project you’ve been working on be it’s best. The only thing is, we live in a world where, more times than not, time and/or money dictate how far we are able to polish things and end […] Read More

Giving a Damn

March 3rd, 2016 by

I know it’s easy to just roll over and go with the flow, keeping to yourself, but if you give a damn, just a small amount. It makes things so much better, regardless if it’s your life, a company you work for or anything in between. Whether giving a damn to you means bringing up […] Read More

Being 100% reactive can be bad for your health.

February 26th, 2016 by

Whether your position is the president, CEO or all the way down as a lowly intern. If you are 100% reactive to everything that comes across your desk you are almost, certainly, guaranteed to fail. Will you fail 100% of the time? No. You might get lucky from time to time, but, more than likely, […] Read More